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Friday, December 31, 2010 - 22:00
Public Works San Francisco, California, USA

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...KIM ANN FOXMAN (of Hercules and Love Affair/MR.INTL) ♥ DJ Set
TIM SWEENEY ♥ Beats In Space / DFA / NYC

with your friends from SUNSET™+HNYSNDSYSTM™:


:: eleven :: the number to symbolize renewal ::

The coming new year represents opportunity for change; growth set into motion after the last ten revolutions around the sun. To celebrate new beginnings, and the number "11" San Francisco's Sunset Crew and Honey Soundsystem will join forces on December 31st for New Years Eve 2011 at the much anticipated and highly acclaimed Public Works. These two musical camps will come together to shine a beacon to revitalize lost and disenchanted souls with an evening of sun-worship and heavy dancing. Joining the handful of accomplished resident DJs, Honey and Sunset will usher in two artists worthy to hold court over such an auspicious night--Tim Sweeney (DFA/Beats In Space/NYC) and rising new talent Kim Ann Foxman (Hercules & Love Affair/MR.INTL).

Celebrating 11 years on air, NYC's Tim Sweeney, of Beats In Space radio fame, joins us to play his favorite tunes from 2010 and of decades beyond. Similar to the cult status Sunset™ has earned after 16 years of throwing critical events, Sweeney is revered by many and has quickly earned international status for his uncompromising love of timeless sounds and dedication to breaking new acts through his radio program and DJ-sets. Considered at one time to be DFA's official DJ, he has since gone on to release a successful line of "disco-edits" and becoming A&R to many others with the start of his BIS record label. Tim Sweeney's charisma and enthusiasm illuminates dancefloors across the world earning him the reputation as the crowd-pleaser who miraculously keeps dancers smiling while pushing the envelope with cutting edge demos and white label mutant disco.

Championing the end of 2010 with the successful release of her debut EP "Creature" and the completion of the "Blue Songs" Hercules & Love Affair's sophomore album, along with a rock solid year of non-stop-touring, Kim Ann Foxman is no doubt the "it" girl. By far one of Honey Soundsystem's most celebrated guest discaires, Kim is the friendliest face of a new generation of underground dance producers. By simultaneously paying tribute and flipping dance music history on its head, Kim has captured the attention of both the jaded and the ironic to show them what it looks like to have fun again. The lead singer of Hercules & Love Affair, Kim has become an icon, representing a new breed of artists not only taking the stage to empower others, but making music and art because they are so empowered. As a DJ, her obsession to carve deeper into the definition of "classic house" has landed her on the other side, now bearing the torch and redefining our notions of sound with her solo productions.

With a full house, Honey™ and Sunset™ cannot wait to reset the calendar with you once more for an evening celebrating another landmark year for the "San Francisco Sound." "Rays" a glass of Champagne to another trip around the sun and to new dance partnerships becoming family.

DJ Bookings:
Europe/Asia/Africa: Alma @ QuietLoud
N/S America:
Bookings @ BIS
Andee Frost
Koji @ feuinc.com
Anything else: bookings@beatsinspace.net