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Thursday, July 29, 2010 - 22:00
Voyeur Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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A new weekly hyper-rad musical party experience
......from the creators of Making Time.

This Thursday July 29th & EVERY THURSDAY!!!

in the (anything goes.) Ruby Lounge basement of.....

1221 St. James St. (far entrance just before Camac St.)
Philadelphia, PA

10pm - 3:30am

This Thursday July 29th, 2010 we have a hyper-rad special guest....super rad dood and super bro:

Tim Sweeney (RVNG/Beats in Space)


I've known Tim Sweeney for a very long time. And...... for as long as I've known Tim Sweeney, he's always been a nerd. A cargo pants-wearing, HYPER-OBSCURE music loving NERD.

No.... I didn't know Tim Sweeney when he was a wee little boy working with production wizard Steinski. I met Tim Sweeney in 2002 when he was djing at a club called Spa in New York. Yes...... he was wearing cargo shorts. And yes...... I thought he was a nerd.

I remember when I had Tim Sweeney open for Optimo at the olde Silk City years ago, and watching him dance on the stage like a crazy person for Optimo's entire set. Yes...... he was wearing cargo shorts. And yes....... he danced like a nerd.

Well......Tim Sweeney is still a nerd but like a lot of nerds... he is getting his revenge. In fact...Tim did the first edit 12" for my label's 'RVNG of the Nerds' edit series. They were literally his first edits ever and his edit of Boney M's "Nightflight to Venus" immediately became an international dance floor anthem. The 12" sold out of it's first pressing, just as his mix cd for RVNG did prior to that. We even pressed it again, along with his mix cd, and the 2nd pressing sold out too. Pretty rad for a nerd.

Well, his revenge has not stopped there. His radio show, Beats in Space (http://www.beatsinspace.net/ ) is one of the most well respected and highly regarded dance music radio shows in the world. Yes...literally....in the world. Just about every week Tim hosts guest DJ sets from the best DJs in the world on his show. Tim's show has become a breaking ground for every new exclusive track well before they're ever released.

I remember when he played the Carl Craig's remix of Delia and Gavin for the first time. He talked over the entire track JUST so no one could record it to play it out since it was so exclusive. Pretty nerdy, huh? But....pretty rad too.

Well....now Tim Sweeney is getting his revenge all over the world. Tim Sweeney has become one the world's most well respected DJs. He plays at
every acclaimed club/festival, in every city, in every corner of the globe....well....except for Philadelphia....until now!!!

Finally....next Thursday, July 29th....Tim Sweeney will take his revenge on Philadelphia. But his revenge is the sweetest revenge you'll ever experience because when Tim Sweeney takes revenge it usually means people are freaking out like crazy people because, this nerd, despite not being able to dance himself, can make people dance like I've never seen people dance before.

Always GET RAD with Resident Raddlers:

Dave P.

Adam Sparkles

& Thomzilla

illuminating the nite with FUTURISTIC SOUNDS!


$1 PBR & $2 Sparks & $2 well drinks til Midnight!!!

FREE Hot Dogs all night long!!!

For more info sights and sounds:

PS....Super Rad Artwork by David Rudnick
David dot Rudnick at Gmail dot com

Coming Soon:

July 29th: snacks. w/ Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space)
August 12th: Liv Spencer of Still Going & House of House (DFA)
August 19th: snacks. w/ The Swiss (live!!!) (Modular)
PS....The Swiss are the backing band for Empire of the Sun!!!

As Always.....Stay Rad & Party on!!!

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